apparently you’re not allowed to be white in the cherubplay tag either

I want to fuck a dog in the ass

he wants to fuck a dog in the ass

I wanna fuck a dog
That’s right kids.

I tried to fuck your mom in the ass
Tried to fuck your dad in…



I’m not sure what the humor in this post is

this is a poetry blog first and for most. if you want humor imagine a doctor saying to you “take two of these and see me in the morning” and then they hand you two eyeballs. you eat the eyeballs and you feel better, but you still can’t see. instead of a baseball umpire it’s a baseball vampire and he’s not even trying to hide it. a raccoon knocks over a trashcan and a man cries out "i’ll have what SHE’S having!". when people say they learned something through osmosis, they’re talking about osmosis jones. kenny rogers doing waka flaka flame adlibs. You’re listening to WPDG The PigDog and that was “She Had Talons for Feet” by Bobby Bones. two pekingese dogs named Drama and Scandal. two more pekingese dogs named HBO and Showtime. a python swallowing a tickle me elmo whole, feet first, and the damn thing is still going off inside.